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Background Screening with Quality
Certified ISO 9001:2015

Risk Control is Nigeria's No 1 background screening company with reach in every state in Nigeria, more than 20 countries in Africa and over 100 countries across the globe. Risk Control background screening services are designed to address the varying needs of companies and organizations which fall into these categories.

  • The needs of Nigerian based companies who hire local or foreign personnel to work in Nigeria as well as Nigerian residents who have lived and worked outside Nigeria.
  • The needs of companies located outside Nigeria who require background checks to be conducted on individuals in Nigeria, West Africa and the entire African region.

Our Screening services include:

Education Verification
This verifies a candidate's educational history by either using our DegreeValidate online verification portal or by contacting the institutions where the candidate attended. Information can include: date of graduation, major studies, and degree earned. It pays to verify educational claims due to rising cases of falsified or overstated educational claims. This verification can be delayed if institutions are not readily forthcoming with answers to request which in Africa are sometimes due to poor record keeping.
Employment Verification
This verifies someone's present or past work experience. We contact the employers directly and report findings which may include: Dates of employment, position, salary, reason for leaving, eligibility for rehire, dependability, and general work duties. Verifications are sometimes delayed if the listed address of the employer cannot be traced, or if the employers company has a strict and cumbersome internal verification system. Please note that in some cases the employer may release only limited information in line with the companies policies.
Professional License Verification
This validates the status of a professional license or certification. Verified information may include : Status, Type, status, expiration and limitations. This verification can be delayed if institutions do not promptly return calls or if verifications are only done by mail. The accuracy of the verification can be affected if the applicant was certified or licensed under a different name than stated on the application or if the applicant has recently graduated and the institution has not yet updated their records. This is a necessary search for those hiring doctors, nurses, and many other license required professions.
Reference/Guarantor Checks
In this verification the listed and/or unlisted personal or professional referees are contacted and their comments about the applicant's reliability, criminal past, alcohol or drug abuse and character, work habits and work performance are reflected in the report. Verifications can be delayed if the referees are elusive or cannot be traced from the contact details given.
Address Confirmation
This verification confirms if address exists and if Subject is known at the address. Delays may occur if the address is not well specified.
Civil records
Only a limited civil record Check is available in Nigeria. Searches can be carried out over a ten year period. This will maximize the search results and accuracy.
Identity Checks
Identity theft is now a common crime in this technological age. This service verifies the authenticity of machine readable physical identity documents such as passport or drivers license.
Drug Screening
Risk Control's drug testing solutions are designed to meet your company policy. We conduct urine and saliva tests in both lab based and instant kit options.
Company Check
This would be all statutory and public records housed at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
Criminal Court Records Check
Only a limited criminal records check is possible from interlocutory or final appeals to the court of appeal from the high court. There is currently no central database of Criminal Court Record filed or kept in Nigeria. However our legal researchers can do extensive research from higher courts to obtain up to 10 years of criminal records reflected in records. Information to be obtained can include: case number, name of the accused, the charge read against him, the verdict of the court after the trial.
Credit Checks
Background checks that search the credit bureau files to provide Credit history including bankruptcies, liens, overdue or slow accounts generally a profile of the applicant's financial history. This is heavily restricted search definitely requiring authorization and sometimes a credit based form to be filled and signed by the Subject.
Even though there is no centralized database for bankruptcy cases from the federal high court in Nigeria; our legal researchers can still obtain information for filed bankruptcies for a ten year period which will include Subject's name, Subjects address, filing number and date, court location, attorney, amount and type of bankruptcy.
Due Diligence
Verifying the reputation of a strategic business company or a partner is of paramount importance. The effort requires going further than a traditional verification of public information. The due diligence service includes a thorough investigation based on consultations with individual sources from industry, government and competitors to verify the company's reputation. Depending on the requirement, checks may focus on; Corporate Identity historical ownership analysis, History of civil and labor litigation, Published information about the reputation of the company and its officers, Criminal records and litigation as well as presence on national and international watch lists.

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