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Reducing the cost and stress of certificate verification

DegreeValidate is Nigerias clearing house for certificate verification. It is a 24x7 web based certificate verification portal which allows users to swiftly and accurately validate the educational claims of candidates.

Whether you are an employer, recruitment agency, a job seeker, or a background screening company DegreeValidate offers you a logical solution to your certificate verification needs.

  • If you are a job seeker, you stand a competitive edge in the crowded job market if you present a pre validated certificate from a trusted company indicating that your educational claims are genuine.
  • If you are a recruitment agent, employer or background screening company you are able to quickly process candidates with verified educational certificates by simply entering on the DegreeValidate portal the RCVC number which the candidate will present to you as proof of verification. Why waste valuable time and energy interacting with complete strangers when you can quickly and easily interact with verified applicants?
  • If you prefer to exclude the candidate from your verification process, DegreeValidate also supports your system.

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