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Electronic Security
More than human

Risk Control Services offers a full range of electronic services including design, engineering, project management, installation, repair, training, consulting and support services.

The range covers Video Surveillance, Biometrics, Electronic Access Control, Parking Controls, Intruder Alarm and a host range of electronic security solutions.

We are constantly setting the standards for security service provision with constant development of our skills and investment in our services in line with our customers' expectations and evolving technologies.

Risk Control technicians are specialists in the design and installation of bespoke security solutions. Our company is an authorized Partner with many of the worlds leading manufacturers of electronic security products.

Whether the requirement is for city surveillance, airport, corporate or home environment, Risk Control will deliver bespoke CCTV systems that are guaranteed to meet your needs. We provide wide ranging options for remote monitoring.
Access Control Systems

We supply the most effective and technically advanced access control systems available in the Nigerian marketplace. Based on site audit, we are able to design and come up with multiple options which can include stand alone or integrated network system. Depending on the level of security required we will design and supply systems that can control entry and exit through options such as Pin Code, Swipe or Proximity Cards, Biometric or a combination of systems.

Also included in our physical security systems are vehicle barriers, including spike barrier and boom gates. Any of these can be designed for heavy duty applications.
Alarm Systems
Our systems include alarm panels, audible and visual warning devices and detection devices either as a fire defence or intrusion detection.

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