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Risk Control Academy
Become a Protection of Assets Specialist

Risk Control Academy is proud to be an NBTE accredited security training subsidiary of Risk control Services. The idea of the Academy came about after recognizing the increasing skills gap in the security industry in Nigeria arising from lack of regulation and standards in security training. With the mission of increasing standards in mind, the Chief Executive of Risk Control Services initiated discussions with the Nigerian Government and promoted the development of a comprehensive curriculum for quality training in the field of security and protection. Thus our Academy was born. The Academy received accreditation from the National Board for Technical Education (NTBE) and was established based on international standards in protection-of-assets training.

The Academy offers several levels of training. Our Diploma Program is for individuals seeking training for a career in one of the many specializations in the protection of assets industry. Our Industry Certifications training offers interested individuals an opportunity to increase their skill set for a protection of assets career within a specific industry. Additionally, we offer short courses geared towards Career Development, Safety & Protection, and Business Continuity planning for working professionals interested in enhancing their career skills as well as business executives interested in increasing the skill set of their security personnel.