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Security Consulting
We will guide you all the way

Evaluate the security risks to your business in Nigeria.

Risk Controls Consultancy services assist our clients to figure out and mitigate the security risks which their organization may face while operating in Nigeria. Foreign operations represent a significant investment to any organization and appropriate steps should be taken to ensure that personnel and assets are properly protected. Whether there is a requirement for pre-travel advice, activating local security support or the provision of emergency assistance, there is a 24/7 professional team on standby.

Our range of services include:

Travel advisory & Risk assessment

In Nigeria, Risk Control is your trusted security travel advisor.

When visiting Nigeria, and indeed anywhere in the world, travelers encounter a wide range of threats. These threats include but not limited to terrorist bombings, militancy, communal conflicts, civil unrest, dangerous neighborhoods, health emergencies and political instability.

We provide travel threat briefs specific to itineraries, with valuable research and assessment of issues you may encounter. The general advisory includes safety tips, emergency services in the travel destination possible incident/accident scenarios, and latest on criminal reports.

We provide the following reports:

  • Weekly Security Briefs
  • Event Driven Risk Assessment Reports
  • Analysis of specific threats
  • State Security Reports

Our approach to threat and risk assessment in Nigeria has been developed from a combination of international best practices and the experience of our team of experts in determining the risk levels of specific threats in Nigeria and West Africa.
Physical Security Assessment
Operating a business in Nigeria requires that careful attention be paid to physical security planning. Our Physical Security Assessments will give you a comprehensive examination of the physical security of a particular location, be it a high rise, manufacturing plant, or residence. Our team of experts can assist by advising on the right control measures and best security solutions for a Physical Security Plan that is appropriate for the region and will successfully protect the identified assets.
Emergency & Crisis Management

Anywhere your assets are located in Nigeria, Risk Control can help you maximize their protection during emergency situation.

In today's dynamic global environment, it is critical to have contingencies in place in the event of an act of terrorism, natural disaster, man-made calamity, or any other unpredictable crisis. Risk Control's Response Services team can work with you to prepare for, and respond to, any emergency situation.

We help you map out your emergency response procedures and requirements in advance of incidents so you're never caught off guard. Utilizing a national network of resources, Risk Control can help with rapid and critical evacuations.

Our crisis response consultants are carefully selected from a variety of backgrounds, comprising of experts in the military, intelligence, national law enforcement, the media, corporate security and risk management sectors.
Corporate Security Management

Protecting valuable assets like people, property, and information can be a daunting task. At Risk Control Services we focus on guiding our clients in establishing protection measures to mitigate the effects of potential hazards and guard against threats both natural and man-made. Wise organizations understand that corporate Security Departments should not be structured in a vacuum.

At Risk Control Services, we guide our clients through the process of effectively determining security and protection needs and establishing a Security Department with effective security design which incorporates a comprehensive security policies and procedures, manpower recruitment, physical security measures, equipment specification and standardization, and steps and actions to take to minimize threats and mitigate the risk to business continuity.

Either on an ad hoc or as full outsourced security management service Risk Control retains the capacity to help achieve your organizations security objectives.

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