For over 15 years, organizations worldwide have trusted Risk Control with their background screening needs. We have now digitalized the screening process through our proprietary web-enabled platform where you can order, read screening reports and generate data analytics about your orders overtime.

With a proprietary digital database of over 5million records from more than 50 tertiary institutions in Nigeria, Risk Control has a high-volume capacity to support your certificate verification needs.

One cap does not fit all

Risk Control will not straight jacket you into a one cap fits all background screening solution because screening needs vary according to different industries. Our screening solutions are therefore industry specific. Industries and entities covered include but not limited to Financial, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Hospitality, Retail, Staffing, Telecomms, Transportation, Construction, Non-Profit and Government.

If your industry is not included above, feel free to contact us and let our professional team assess your needs and develop the best program for your organization.

The RCVC Advantage

The Risk Control Verification Code offers both employers and candidates unique benefits. Candidates gain competitive competitive advantage by proactively verifying their certificates, obtain a code - RCVC -which can then be put on their CVs, LinkedIn profile and share with employers, staffing/recruitment agencies.

Employers can verify the authenticity of the code and validate the subject’s educational claims. they want, pass the cost of verification to the candidates. While shortlisting candidates its quicker to process already verified candidates with RCVC than those submitting unverified credentials.

Extended Workforce Screening

Our extended workforce screening enables you to screen the employees who work for your vendors because they have access to your facilities, systems, and confidential information. Since you did not select or background screen the employee yourself, our vendor screening program will use your criteria for a background check.

All your background screening solutions available online 24/7

  • - Address verification
  • - Age verification
  • - Certificate Verification
  • - Credit check
  • - Criminal Check
  • - Domestic Screening
  • - Dating background checks
  • - Drug screening and test
  • - Education History
  • - Extended Workforce Screening
  • - Financial Reputation
  • - Guarantor check
  • - Identity check
  • - International Screening
  • - Neighborhood check
  • - National Youth Service (NYSC)
  • - Online Reputation
  • - Personal reference check
  • - Previous Employment
  • - Professional License verification
  • - Professional reference check
  • - Property checks
  • - Security Checks (LEAs)
  • - Social Media Search
  • - Tenant Screening
  • - Watchlist and Global Sanctions




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