Identify Potential Risks Accompanying Your Corporate Relationships

Entering a relationship with another business entity or organization can put your business at risk. However, our due-diligence service can provide you with the answers you need to make an informed decision.

Just as most organizations perform background screening on new employees, business due diligence if left undone may even present the greatest risk.

Risk Control employs a detailed variable research approach, which involves, courts and public record searches, local contacts, industry and media resources, in-depth web-based research, local and global databases. This enables us to assist our clients to conduct due diligence in a professional manner.

Key Features

  • - Legal & Compliance checks
  • - Site visit business verification
  • - Business owner’s reputation
  • - Historical ownership analysis
  • - Global & national criminality & regulatory records check
  • - Politically Exposed Person
  • - International media research
  • - Company background analysis
  • - Industry reputational assessment
  • - Global terrorism check
  • - Global Financial regulatory authorities check.
  • - Financial reputation
  • - Online reputation